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A 12-week program to create & execute a personalized roadmap to ignite your online sales & propel your business beyond in-person connection

Coming early 2024
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You've been posting and posting on social media, but your online store is crickets.

You're a crowd favourite at the Farmers' Market. So, why isn’t that translating into more sales through your online store?

Let me guess:

You were excited about the possibility of getting online to expand your audience, reach new stockists, and have customers order your products from home. But in reality, taking your business online has only caused you more stress, higher expenses and WAY more work, for minimal returns. 


What’s going wrong? 

There’s a good chance you’re still using the strategies that got you started selling in-person, on a platform that speaks another language. You opened yourself up to a whole new level of competition & now you feel like you have to spend all of your time in front of a screen, instead of the thing you love to do - create.

You want to live your rich life...

Time with loved ones

You're not going to sacrifice memories for sales.  You want to be present for all the special moments in your life and also to take care of yourself.

Explore your creativity

That's why you got into this. business in the first place.  You want to be able to create from a full cup and be able to get lost in making.

Build Financial Freedom

Being an entrepreneur means having time freedom, and also financial independence. Being able to support yourself and your family is important to living a low-stress life.


Results my clients see...

Position yourself as an online brand in the eyes of your clients.

Become top-of-mind when your clients are shopping online.

Deliver the same client experience online as you do in-person.

Be ready to attract more customers and know you can handle the influx when it arrives.

"I learned many new skills in her 12-week course that I will put to use in my online business."

"Her positive attitude is infectious and her marketing strategies opened my eyes to a new way to approach how I conduct business. The course content was invaluable! Thank you Julie!"

-Tara Mummery, Owner, Big Heart Fibre Art

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Activate Your Online Brand is a community education & coaching program for creative businesses looking to ignite their online sales through creating & executing a personalized digital marketing strategy.

After 3 months together we will...


Complete a Brand Assessment, where we will dissect your existing messaging & systems, and repair holes.


Dig deep into your customer. We'll look at ways of connecting, the language of sales, identifying & selling transformations & creating communication customers love to receive.


Solidify your brand presence, positioning & messaging

Master your customer connection & communication

Transform your website - We're targeting your homepage and your shop page to ensure shoppers know how to become customers.

Clarify your customer journeys


Drive sales online. We'll incentivize in-person customers to make their next purchase from you online & make sure online searchers are finding you on Google. 


Scale your revenue further through driving online sales

Develop a follow-up system to not only thank someone for becoming a customer, but to continue to nurture that relationship so it results in repeat business. Yes, I'm talking about email here - don't worry, you'll be set up and running.

Optimize customer retention rates & brand loyalty

Build the habit of tracking so you can make smart decisions about what to try next. You'll have 1 place where you keep all your numbers, and you'll watch your business grow!


Easily track your progress to make informed decisions

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I'm so glad I was part of it!

"Beyond the immense amount of valuable information I'm taking away, your infectious optimism & energy made this experience so enjoyable & the boost I needed to be excited about my business again.  THANK YOU!"

-Lauren Bonner, Owner

The Union Street

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Julie's course delivered more than I anticipated.

Julie is incredibly knowledgeable and I trust her marketing guidance without doubt. I look forward to working with Julie again and I recommend her without any hesitation. Thank you Julie!!"

-Leigh Gillis, Owner,

Education Advantage

Walking Down Empty Road

Is this for me?

I am

an established business & I already have an online sales channel in place (like Shopify).

able to dedicate 90 minutes per week to work on my business.

ready to invest in serious growth, both financially & mentally.

I am NOT

looking for a pre-recorded online course with zero participation or collaboration

looking for someone else to execute the work for me. (I know my success lies in my own hands.)

wanting to continue to figure everything out on my own. I'm tired of fruitless testing!

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Activate Your Online Brand is a 12-week, community education & coaching program for creative businesses looking to ignite their online sales through creating & executing a personalized digital marketing strategy.

  • 7 group coaching calls with Julie (2 per month + bonus orientation call) 

  • 6 Education modules include 45 minutes of teaching on these subjects + 30 minutes of live Q&A 

  • Workbooks and additional training courses (pre-recorded) to customize learnings for your business and put it into action immediately.

  • A Slack community (digital messaging) where you can ask Julie and your peers any questions throughout the program

  • 1-year access to recordings of all group video calls

  • VIP option available to add on extra 1-on-1 coaching with Julie for an added investment


$1,597 one-payment

or 3 monthly payments of $583.

(Taxes applicable for all plans.)

New Cohort Coming Winter 2024.

Read FAQs

Hey, I'm Julie

Digital Marketing Strategist ✩ Online Community Expander ✩ Hype-Woman Extraordinaire 


I’ve always cared about people over profits. I believe that it's through personal development, advocating for equity, and amassing wealth among the wholehearted, that we can actually create change in our world and shift the money and decision-making power into the hands of the people who will do more good!


This is why I’m dedicated to fueling the growth of creative, heart-driven brands to propel their businesses to new levels of success and influence, through helping them relay that person-to-person experience of connecting with you, the maker, into the online sphere. 


So if you’re a heart-driven brand looking to maximize your impact & profit through building authentic community in order to grow a thriving & sustainable business online, I’m here to be your guide.

  • When does the next Live program run?
    The next Live Cohort will start on Wednesday, September 20 (intro call: 45mins). Education calls will begin on September 27 and continue every 2 weeks. The last call will be held on Wednesday, December 6. Each session will be 90 minutes in length and run from 3:00 - 4:30 AST Session recordings will be made available (for 1 year) for those unable to attend, or wanting to revisit the lesson.
  • How does a group program work?
    Cohort-based learning is an educational approach in which a group of learners moves through a course together. Together, we will discuss each module in dept* and you will have an opportunity to ask questions, and/or seek support from Julie, or others in the group. By participating in the cohort, you will also receive added structure and accountability since we will be tackling one module every second week, this will ensure you keep pace with the group and complete the entire program. Statistics show that cohort-based learning boasts a 90% completion rate, vs only 4% for self-paced open courses. Ensure your investment doesn't go to waste! Join me, and we'll get this work done together. *There will be strict confidentiality contracts in place and breaking that confidentiality will result in immediate removal from the group. I will be creating a space where people feel safe to share.
  • What homework can I expect?
    For homework, there will be optional workbooks and/or additional training courses (pre-recorded) that you can work on on the off-week. They will allow you to explore the content from the week in more detail and personalize the learnings for your unique business. You can anticipate spending up to 90 minutes in the off-week to complete these tasks, (if you choose to do them) I will be offering to look over any work that is completed if submitted prior to the next call.
  • What is the timing for calls?
    First Call: Wednesday, September 20 (intro call: 45mins). Education calls will begin on September 27 and continue every 2 weeks. Last Call: Wednesday, December 6. Each session will be 90 minutes in length and run from 3:00 - 4:30 AST Calls will be conducted over Zoom. Recordings will be made available if you are unable to attend a live call. Live participation is highly encouraged!
  • How are the calls structured?
    There will be a ~15 minute intro/discussion, followed by ~45 minute presentation of learning materials. The last 30 minutes will be dedicated to live Q&A (no pressure to stay during that portion, if you'd prefer to jump off the call after 60 minutes.)
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